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What Items Make Moving in London Harder?

Moving in London can be easy when you get your first flat and only have a few boxes worth of stuff. As you accumulate more stuff, moving house gets harder to do without professional help. This is especially true if you have certain possessions that make moving that much harder. Some items are so large that moving them within a restricted space is tricky, while others are small in size but large in value.


The glass used to make aquariums is typically reinforced, but it can still easily be broken during transit if you aren’t careful. If your fish are still living in the aquarium, this can be a disaster. The best way to be sure your fish tank moves without any damage is to use a mover with experience and the right size van or truck to accommodate the whole thing comfortably.


Oversized and heavy pianos make moving difficult for multiple reasons. However, working with the right equipment and knowledge it's possible to move a piano into any space, even if it means raising it up the stairs using straps and lifting it, or bringing it through a back or side entrance to an oversized lift meant for equipment.


If you’ve invested in a valuable piece of art, you know how vital it is to protect that investment by preserving the quality of the artwork. Works of art have to be properly protected against the elements and padded to prevent any tearing or damage before they can be transported. In some cases, this means placing the artwork in a crate made from wood to safely move it around, while other pieces can be wrapped in padding and put into cardboard pieces to stop them from getting damaged while moving in London.

Chairs and Couches

A specially designed couch or upholstered chair made by a high street designer is like a functional piece of art. Similar to a sculpture, this piece of art may blend into the background of the home, but this doesn’t take away from its value. If the chair or couch is finished in a material like leather, suede, brocade, or silk, you shouldn’t risk it getting wet or damaged during the move.

Medical Equipment

Many families include a disabled or elderly person that requires care, and moving the items needed to keep them comfortable is incredibly important. Our team will treat the medical devices and equipment with the care and respect needed to make sure they work perfectly when you reach your new home.

If you have a houseful of possessions that you need help moving to your new place or one oversized piece that is too hard to move on your own, London Moverz can help. Contact us today or use our simple online booking form to get our assistance moving in London when you need it.

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